CrUX by Origin

Visualize field data collected over the last 28 days

CrUX by Url

Visualize field data collected over the last 28 days
Querying and visualizing the CrUX API

The data in the Chrome UX Report API is a 28-day rolling average of aggregated metrics. This means that the data presented in the CrUX tool at any given time is actually data for the past 28 days aggregated together.

This is similar to how the CrUX dataset on BigQuery aggregates monthly reports.


The Chrome UX Report API gives low-latency access to aggregated Real User Metrics (RUM) from the Chrome User Experience Report.

CrUX Tool

The Crux tool is a web UI for querying and visualizing the CrUX API. All data metrics are aggregated together in a single card.

Learning Together

The code of this tool is available on github with the purpose of giving transparency on how the information is obtained.

Questions and Answers
  • question_answerI've noticed an issue
    To report an issue or a question in regards to the CrUX API.
    Please visit the Google CrUX Community
    To report an issue or question in regards the CrUX Tool.
    Please visit the GitHub project
  • question_answerMissing data
    Sometimes I get noData displayed on the card
    Yes, that is intentional. When the CrUX API returns a 404 for the formfactor, then the tool will render no Data under the FormFactor tab name inside the card.
  • question_answerData discrepancies
    Discrepancies between CrUX API and LightHouse, why?
    CrUX API reflects field data, while Lighthouse reflects lab data
    Read more on Lab data vs field data
    Discrepancies between CrUX API and PageSpeed Insights, why?
    This should be resolved as a result of the recent PSI migration to the CrUX API as its source of field data.
    Read More
  • question_answerDaily updates
    Data is not updating, why?
    Data is updated daily around 04:00 UTC. There is no SLO for update times; it is ran on a best effort basis everyday.
    Data is not changing, why?
    Data will not differ within the same day, repeated calls will yield the same results.
  • question_answerCrUX by URL
    My URL is not working on CrUX by URL, why?
    All aggregations (at either the origin or URL levels) must be publicly indexable and meet our popularity criteria. If site owners are sure that their URL is both public and popular, they should reach out to us on the CrUX discussion forum to raise a possible bug.
    How do I know what URL to query?
    We recommend that you get the list of links from your website that are most popular. Apart from being popular, they must have enough traffic so that google can obtain the metrics of your link. Another thing I'd recommend is using the Core Web Vitals report in Search Console. They highlight groups of pages with issues and list a few example URLs exhibiting those issues. Those URLs would be good to watch as improvements are made.

CrUX Tool: Query and visualize the CrUX API

Created by Alejandro Loaiza and maintained by the Quality Lab Engineers at WompMobile.

Data source: Chrome UX Report API

Check out Rick Viscomi article and learn how to use the Chrome UX Report API to get easy, RESTful access to real-user experience data across millions of websites.

Github Community: Thank you!

The CrUX tool serves the community and reporting bugs or providing constructive feedback is considered a contribution. The CrUX tool gets better because of you.

Matt Klein (@Mpk6997)

Rick Viscomi (@rviscomi)

Tim Hofman (@timhofman)

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